In this W&W article, we are going to discuss what automated IoT penetration testing is and how your business can benefit from purchasing Binare’s automated IoT penetration testing tool.

What Is Traditional IoT Penetration Testing?

If you want to protect your business from cyberattacks, it is essential to identify areas of vulnerabilities. This is a core concept of cybersecurity and a part of the daily routine of pen-testers.

Many companies still use penetration testing as the main cyber defense strategy. Whereas vulnerability scanners help to identify threats and to patch security gaps, penetration testing can help to discover very complex attack vectors and estimate the damage that could be done if the identified vulnerabilities were exploited by a third-party.

IoT penetration testing (or so-called ethical hacking) is a simulated cyber attack against your IoT device that allows to evaluate the hackability of your IoT device. It is a useful strategy to determine strength of an organization’s security posture.

However, traditional pen tests these days can not be called an effective strategy to identify evolving threats due to the highly dynamic nature of current security environments.

Automated IoT Penetration Testing vs. Manual IoT Penetration Testing

There are many limits of traditional IoT penetration testing. So let’s discuss them here:

First of all, vulnerability reports drafted by human hands take days or weeks to be delivered. This is the one of the weak points of human pen tests. Many pen test reports become out of date as soon as they are delivered because the environment on which the test was made has been updated several times since, and therefore, had potential vulnerabilities introduced that weren’t present at the time of the pen test. That is why traditional pen test is often called as a snapshot of a long elapsed point in time. Automated penetration testing tools overcome this limitation since they allow to run tests daily or even on every change, and deliver a report instantly, within seconds.

Secondly, another comparative advantage of automated penetration testing tool is a possiblity for multiple entry points. A pentest by human is usually done from a specific entry point, whereas an automated pentesting tool can run the same pen test multiple times from several entry points to discover all possible vulnerable attack vectors and monitor different effect scenarios depending on the entry point. It is possible to perform manual pentesting with multiple entry points but it would require a huge budget as the company will have to pay each time for a different test and lots of time which can be critical to organization’s cyber health.

The above mentioned limitations of manual pentesting bring us to the need of automation.

About Binare’s Automated Penetration Testing Tool

Binaré offers much faster, efficient & in-depth way your IoT device gets checked for security bugs which is extremely important in the current dynamic cybersecurity realities. In most cases, you start getting first result items within first couple of minutes, while a full and complete security gap analysis report can take up to 60 minutes all depending on the size of the input firmware, the (nested-)levels of compression/encryption, and the types and depths of selected analysis plugins. Come to our web page and check your IoT device with our FREE Demo already now! The link for the web page:  

Binare’s penetration testing tool performs an automated analysis to identify vulnerable patterns in the code of your firmware. Binare’s automated engine runs a deep dive analysis of code components at development, testing, certification and deployment stages of the software development life cycle (SDLC): read our blog post “The Strong & Urgent Need To Perform Binary (IoT Firmware) Security Analysis” for more details about the positioning of binare’s product in the market.

How Can Binare’s Solution Be Useful For Pen-Testing Companies?

Binare provides organizations not only with a static binary code analysis of an IoT device, but also continuous monitoring of an IoT device. In this way, our automated penetration tool can complement manual IoT pentesting.

Binare’s automated IoT penetration testing tool is IoT pentester’s must-have tech for easier, more reliable, and efficient identification of security gaps and vulnerability exploitation. The key advantages of the tool Binare offers to pen-testing companies:

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