📣 Binare.io (Finland, CEO Andrei Costin) is happy to announce that together with HeadHunter Ltd (Romania, CEO Ivan Zorin) it has been selected for EU DigiCirc Bioeconomy acceleration Programme for an innovative drone-based project ✈️ 📣

The official kick-off meeting for the project is on Tuesday 15.03.2022! 📅

The programme will run from March to May 2022 with the Demoday held in May. “The 5 consortia selected at the Demoday will then have up to 6 months, from June to November 2022, to deliver final outputs.”

About DigiCirc Acceleration Programme:

DigiCirc Acceleration Programme is designed for European SMEs/Start-ups that use digital tools and apply cutting-edge solutions in the circular economy by addressing the following challenges in the domain of Bioeconomy:

About Binare.io:

Binare.io is a visionary deep-tech spinoff from the University of Jyväskylä, which boasts more than a decade of cybersecurity research vision and experience. Binare.io is backed by UniFund investment and is supported by the Jyväskylän Yritystehdas incubator. Co-founded by Dr. Andrei Costin who provided visionary IoT/embedded security peer-reviewed research and has been a speaker at more than 45 top international cybersecurity events (such as USENIX Security, BlackHat, Chaos Computer Club CCC). Binare.io is on a global mission to provide the most advanced, efficient & complete automated IoT vulnerability management and firmware/device analysis solution.

About Headhunter Ltd:

HeadHunter Ltd is an innovative SME with aerospace background and focus on the following areas:

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