📣 Binare.io is happy to announce that it has been selected for EU DigiFed Application Experiment 📣

The official kick-off meeting for the project is today Wednesday 12.01.2022! 📆

Binare is honoured and excitied to take up this new challenge and contribute its top-notch international cybersecurity expertise to secure (I)IoT devices worldwide. As a team, we are thriving to make our product better every day & participation in this experiment is an excellent opportunity for us also to significantly improve our platform.”

Dr. Andrei Costin, CEO & Co-Founder of Binare.io

Special thanks goes to Digifed consortium partners:

Now the 9-12-month long exciting journey starts!

About DigiFed Project

DigiFed is one of the 16 EU funded H2020 projects under the umbrella of SAE and dedicated to supporting EU industries to digitalize their product & services and reach new markets enabled by Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) & Embedded Systems. Application Experiments (AEs) are the core activity of DigiFed. One of the technical focuses of AEs is Connectivity/IoT. The expected outcome of Application Experiments is a demonstrator prototype with a high technology readiness level (TRL). The prototype may also be used as a first-generation product.

About Binare.io

Binare.io is on a global mission to provide the most advanced and efficient automated IoT vulnerability management and firmware/device analysis solution complemented by top-notch international expertise & professional services.

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