The official kick-off meeting for the DigiFed Generic Experiment  on “IoT Prototyping In Agriculture” is today Thu 9.9.2021.

Binare is honoured and thrilled to take part in this experiment and contribute its top international cybersecurity expertise to secure (I)IoT devices in agricultural sector.”

Dr. Andrei Costin, CEO & Co-Founder of

Special thanks goes to GE owners:
4PDIH University of Ljubljana Jure Trilar

It feels really cool to be among the 15 participants of the GE IoT Prototyping in Agriculture Community that is working on optimizing vineyard management within the concept of smart vineyards:

Dominus Technology
Château Canadel
Domaine Jeannin-Naltet
Inar Tecnologías
SISSPre – IoT pentester’s must-have tech (by 🚀 IoT cybersecurity rockstars 🔥)
Klet Krško

Smart Anything Everywhere Initiative

About DigiFed Project

DigiFed is one of the 16 EU funded H2020 projects under the umbrella of SAE and dedicated to supporting EU industries to digitalize their product & services and reach new markets enabled by Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) & Embedded Systems. Generic Experiments – one of the Innovation pathways proposed by DigiFed – aim at trialling new co-funding mechanisms with regions through targeted SMEs to implement advanced technology demonstrators with co-funding from regional authorities.

About Binare’s Role In The DigiFed Project “IoT Prototyping in Agriculture”

One of the technical focuses of the project is IoT devices (sensors) and Binare has gladly taken a challenge to ensure their cybersecurity!

About is on a global mission to provide the most advanced and efficient automated IoT vulnerability management and firmware/device analysis solution complemented by top international expertise & professional services.

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