Every year on the 29th of October, the International Internet Day celebrates the Internet, the greatest invention of the human to acknowledge its revolution. The invention of Internet has enabled people to share information and communicate across the borders with an Internet connection. On the other hand, Internet has raised a new problem – insecurity in cyberspace.

Therefore, today Binare.io wants to use this opportunity to remind our readers about the importance to secure your Internet of Things device.

⚠️ ! Connected Means Insecure! ⚠️

Please check out our series of “Cybersecurity In Numbers” infographics to get an idea about the scale of IoT insecurity issue below:

How can Binaré Help With Internet of Things Device Security?

Binaré offers an automated IoT vulnerability management and firmware analysis platform, which is designed to protect your Internet of Things device at the deep firmware level throughout the entire IoT life-cycle, covering design, development, testing, certification & deployment. Binaré’s platform will check your IoT device for a wide range of vulnerabilities and security issues and will give you a detailed report on them. Binaré provides you not only with the platform but also with professional services that will help your business to get an improved cybersecurity posture. Come to our web page and check your device with our FREE Demo! The link for the web page: https://binare.io/. You can also Follow us on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/company/binare/) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/binareio).

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