Firmware security is gaining more and more attention in a light of rapidly growing cyber-attacks all over the business world. In this article, we are going to explain what firmware is and how important it is to ensure its security.

What is Firmware?

Firmware is a software class that is embedded into hardware devices and provides control for their main functionality. One can think of a firmware as a third layer between a computer’s hardware and software but at the same time a key layer that makes it easier to develop software and run it on several systems. Firmware can also be defined as a code running on a hardware that supports the hardware’s operations and, therefore, can be hacked as any other code.

Where is Firmware present?

Nowadays programmed firmware lives in every device from smartphones to servers and PCs to industrial machines. All the IoT devices such as routers, SmartTV, printers have a firmware inside them. Every vehicle contains some firmware inside it: for example, on-board computers and various sensors in cars and planes. Some well-known examples of computer firmware are the BIOS found in IBM-compatible personal computers and the (U)EFI-complaint firmware used on Itanum systems, Intel-based computers from Apple and many Intel desktop computer motherboards.

Firmware Security: Why It’s Important

It is very important to ensure firmware’s security because firmware plays a critical role in controlling main device functions. This is extremely crucial for connected devices, which are vulnerable to external security threats, and devices that are life-critical such as medical devices. Here we are going to provide some benefits that come with implementing a firmware security solution for IoT device manufacturers:

Implementing IoT Firmware Security

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