Every year on January 28th, the International Data Privacy/Protection Day promotes better  privacy and data protection practices. The day was first initiated by the Council of Europe in 2007 as the European Data Protection Day.

The Internet of Things can produce huge amount of data.

“By 2025, 80% of the data will be processed by IoT devices, though many times they are “black-boxes” from UI/UX and cybersecurity perspectives.”

Dr. Andrei Costin, CEO & Co-Founder of Binare.io

Most of the data these days is confidential & is quite sensitive. How secure is the data that is generated by IoT devices? How is it used? What happens to that data once the process is complete?

By raising these questions today, Binare.io wants to remind both developers and consumers of IoT devices about the importance of IoT data protection and their resposibility for that.

The fines for non-compliance with data security regulations (The EU Cybersecurity Act [IoT device security], The EU General Data Protection Regulation [IoT privacy], The NIS Directive [IoT infrastructure]) can reach MILLIONS OF DOLLARS/EUROS, so it is important that IoT device manufacturers, as well as those that use IoT devices, take time to understand these regulations, and then integrate IoT security as part of their business, so that confidential information remains secure.

IoT Data Security Tips by Binare.io

Binare.io highly recommends IoT device manufacturers, businesses and government organizations to take security of their IoT data at the deep firmware-level:

Update firmware on all your IoT devices frequently & promptly
Create a cybersecurity incident response plan
Scan your IoT firmware for security vulnerabilities – do a threat assessment
Purchase hardware with guaranteed firmware security
Make firmware security a priority & monitor it continuously
Check your IoT device for cybersecurity compliance

Also check out Binare’s blog post about password security of IoT devices and how Binare can help companies proactively identify default, hardcoded, backdoor passwords here: Happy & Secure World Password Day!

How Can Binaré Help Companies To Protect Their IoT Data?

Binaré offers an automated IoT vulnerability management and firmware analysis platform, which enables business to detect emerging IoT data security breaches. Binaré’s platform will check your IoT device for a wide range of vulnerabilities and security issues and will give you a detailed report on them. Binaré provides you not only with the platform but also with professional services that will help your business to get an improved cybersecurity posture.

Come to our web page and check your device with our FREE Demo! The link for the web page: https://binare.io/. You can also Follow us on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/company/binare/) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/binareio).

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