Binary analysis is an in-depth powerful technique to reveal security vulnerabilities in the software components (SBoM) of your IoT device firmware, especially useful when there is no access to source code. 7.9 M vulnerabilities & 3652 distinct CVEs identified in 14.000 firmware files & 178 device types from 215 vendors highlight the critical need to perform binary IoT firmware analysis & identify the software components in your IoT device firmware. Discover more numbers & facts that strengthen the need of binary IoT firmware analysis & SBoM by downloading the infographics below:

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    How Can Help Organizations To Implement Binary IoT Firmware Analysis In Order To Anticipate Emerging Cyberattacks?

    Binaré performs an automated binary analysis to identify vulnerable patterns in the code of your IoT firmware. Binare's automated engine runs a deep dive analysis of code components at development, testing, certification and deployment stages of the software development life cycle (SDLC): read our blog post 'The Strong & Urgent Need To Perform Binary (IoT Firmware) Security Analysis' for more details about positioning of binare's product in the market.

    P.S.: Binare’s blog post has been featured in the European Cyber Security Organization (ECSO) Cybersecurity Awareness Calendar (February’22). Find Binare’s contribution among others HERE.

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