What's happening?

Our company has prepared a special webinar for everyone, and it is absolutely free! During our conference, you will meet our special speaker who will tell you about topics such as:

– Securing IoT devices
– Automated analysis of firmware, identification of the software components in IoT device firmware
– SBoM (Software Bill of Materials) as a priority
– Binary code analysis
– Towards IoT standards and regulation compliance
– Firmware flaws remediation and brand reputation as a priority 

Who will be speaking at the webinar?

The Chief executive officer of the Binare company will acquaint you with useful information, and will also be happy to share his knowledge with you! Below you can find the biography of our speaker:

Andrei Costin, PhD is the CEO/co-founder of Binare.io, a deep-tech cybersecurity spin-off from University of Jyvaskyla, focused on innovation and tech-transfer related to IoT cybersecurity.

Dr. Costin is also a Senior Lecturer/Docent Assistant Professor in Cybersecurity at University of Jyvaskyla (Central Finland), with a particular focus on IoT/firmware cybersecurity and Digital Privacy. He received his PhD in 2015 from EURECOM/Télécom Paris under co-supervision of Prof. Aurélien Francillon and Prof. Davide Balzarotti.

Dr. Costin has been publishing and presenting at more than 45 top international cybersecurity venues, both academic (Usenix Security, ACM ASIACCS, etc.) and industrial (BalckHat, CCC, HackInTheBox, etc.). He is the author of the first practical ADS-B attacks (BlackHat 2012) and has literally established the large-scale automated firmware analysis research areas (Usenix Security 2014) – these two works are considered seminal in their respective areas, being also most cited at the same time.

When and how to attend our webinar?

You don’t need to make a lot of efforts to attend our webinar! It is enough to go to our profile in Linkedin, and then select an event in order to click the “Attend Event” button, and you will receive a special link on the first of November and you can also get all the updates regarding our webinar! 

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