Every year the life of society becomes more and more complicated due to the consequences of technological revolutions when technologies appear much faster than their comprehension by the general mass of people. As a result, people may not be prepared for the fact that these technologies can create certain challenges that can appear at any time in our lives.

One such area, which is dealing with new problems, is cybersecurity. However, to be successful in this area, it is necessary to have an idea of what challenges we can expect in the next year in order to be as prepared as possible.

Our company has prepared the main challenges that cybersecurity specialists should pay attention to:

5G Network - Security

Increasingly, we hear about organizations investing in fifth-generation technology, which opens many new opportunities for companies. However, most companies see only the benefits of using fifth generation networks, but at the same time forget that there is still a security challenge that is too important to forget about it.

The use of new technology means the accelerating of the Internet of Things; however, it also opens new opportunities for cybercriminals who can take advantage of vulnerable connections and compromise smart devices to infiltrate network infrastructure. This can mean that if an organization does not pay enough attention to the security of using the new technology, then they could lose all the benefits they received from its implementation.

Automotive hacking

Smart cars are a new trend in society. The modern automotive industry offers a person as many opportunities as possible to interact with the car, ranging from controlling the lights to automatic driving, which is controlled by artificial intelligence and follows a set route in one of the applications to use the map.

However, using a smart car also means that you can be attacked by cybercriminals who discover vulnerabilities in your car’s system. For example, as we know from previous cases, a cybercriminal could block the control of your car by taking advantage of one of the vulnerabilities that may be in the system of your smart cars.  

Phishing attacks

One of the benefits that is a consequence of the pandemic is that people have become more aware of aspects of cybersecurity. They now avoid various questionable offers from strangers by remembering what the information security staff at their company told them and trying to follow their recommendations as they surf the Internet.

However, attackers are well aware that the world is changing, just as their users are changing. In the new year, they will use new strategies that will be based on information that can be obtained from public sources, including various social media accounts, etc.


Nevertheless, if you still have questions about what awaits you next year, then you can follow our profiles on social networks. There we publish information that we cannot put on our blog, and you will always stay informed about the most popular events in cybersecurity.

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