Infographic: Binare’s IoT Security Platform vs. X-Ray Machine

A short infographic that compares Binare’s automated IoT vulnerability management and firmware analysis platform to an X-ray machine. Download this infographic if you want to learn how our platform works and why it is so important to have our platform as part of your IoT business.

    Infographic: The Strong & Urgent Need to Perform Binary (IoT Firmware) Security Analysis

    Download this infographic in case you are still in doubts whether you need to perform a binary security analysis of your IoT firmware. The infographic explains the positioning of the Binare’s platform in SW life-cycle and highlights the rate of market adoption of platforms similar to Binare’s platform. A list of real-world cases and news strongly motivating WHY organizations still need to perform firmware binary analysis at various stages from SW/FW Development to SW/FW Deployment to actual million of devices, for example, using technology.

      Infographic: World Password Day (1st Thursday of May)

      Download this stats-packed world password day infographic and learn how Binare’s solution can help with the password security of your IoT device/firmware.

        Infographic: Critical Importance of Binary IoT Firmware Analysis & SBoM in Numbers & Facts

        Download this stats-packed infographic to pick-up some insights about IoT firmware security drawn from Binare’s innovative automated IoT firmware security & monitoring platform within IoT-SESOD project strengthening the need of binary IoT firmware analysis & SBoM.

          Infographic: Telecom Cybersecurity

          Download this stats-packed Telecom security infographic which highlights the importance of security measures for TELECOM companies and explains how Binare’s Firmware Analysis & Monitoring Platform can help telcos to become more cybersecure and competitive.

            Infographic: Critical OpenSSL Flaw CVE-2022-0778

            Download this facts- & stats-packed infographic to learn about recently disclosed high-severity security bug & its devastating impact on thousands of firmware & tens of vendors discovered by Binare’s innovative automated IoT firmware security & monitoring platform within IoT-SESOD project.