In this infographic, Binare Team presents what could go wrong security-wise during different phases of DevSecOps and why you need a defense-In-depth strategy apart from source code analysis and live device monitoring (whether agent-based or agent-less). Also, it is safer and cheaper to scan and fix a SINGLE insecure firmware than to fix/secure/recall MILLIONS of vulnerable devices post-deployment/post-OTA due to that single firmware.

P.S.: Feel free to download the PDF for higher quality – the full PDF also contains relevant clickable links for further reading!

Binaré automated IoT vulnerability management and firmware analysis platform enables business to avoid cyberattacks. Binaré’s platform will check your IoT device for a wide range of devastating vulnerabilities and security issues and will give you a detailed report on them. Binaré provides you not only with the platform but also with add-on professional services that will help your business to get an improved cybersecurity posture.

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