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State Of IoT Cybersecurity Now


It is usually needed to attack a plugged into the internet IoT device

Cyber Attacks

IoT devices experience on average per month


It takes to fix critical security vulnerabilities

Binaré offers a cloud based service with optional professional services that help your business to anticipate emerging cyberattacks

Binare helps to reduce:

Binaré firmware analysis and monitoring platform provides:

Binare. Key Features.

Analyze & Advise

Binaré analyzes your firmware’s software components and configuration for vulnerabilities. 

We provide actionable information for remediation and certification.

Monitor & Alert

Binaré continually monitors the software components in your firmware. 

When new vulnerabilities or threats emerge, we notify you immediately (via alert or pipeline integration) so you can take action.

Software Bill of Materials

Binaré identifies the software components in your IoT device firmware, no source code required.

Integrate DevOps/SecOps

Binaré integrates seamlessly with numerous DevOps and SecOps systems, minimizing both the time and effort needed to take action on IoT vulnerabilities.

Customization & Professional Services

Unique requirements stemming from custom solutions, platforms, processes or toolchains? 

Binaré’s open architecture and professional services can help.

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Are you up to date on the latest #IoT security best practices? Put your IoT security knowledge to the test with our #BinareQuiz series👇🌟
What is the main goal of the International Standards Organization (#ISO) in terms of cybersecurity?
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Keep vulnerabilities at bay with #aSBOMaDAY! 😎
With #BinarePlatform, we can help provide SBOMs for your software and IoT firmware binaries, connecting them to vulnerabilities and the exploitation landscape. Email us at SBOM@binare.io for more info.
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