You can get the results in our web dashboard, get them as machine-readable data via APIs, or be notified over email containing highly-flexible HTML reports.

In most cases, you start getting first result items within first couple of minutes, while a full and complete analysis report can take up to 60 minutes all depending on the size of the input firmware, the (nested-)levels of compression/encryption, and the types and depths of selected analysis plugins.

There is no technological limitations that prevent our platform to handle firmware files of any size. However, for practical reasons the default limit for all accounts is 200 MB. Depending on your pricing plan and paid features-set, we can configure higher input file size limits → please contact us for any such technical request.

Please read our LinkedIn post which covers real-world cases and news strongly motivating WHY organizations still need to perform firmware binary analysis at various stages from SW/FW Development to SW/FW Deployment to actual million of devices, for example, using technology. Link to the relevant LinkedIn post:

First and foremost, we do not need an access to any of your “source code” and, therefore, your IPR is much safer with us compared to “source code” analysis solutions! Also, see our answer to “Why do I need binary firmware analysis for firmware?” question.