These days software products rely heavily on open-source components that are associated with the increased security, licensing compliance and quality risks. In this What&Why article, we are going to explain what binary software component analysis is and how important it is to implement it in your business to reduce the risks linked to the use of open source libraries.

What is Binary Software Component Analysis?

Software Component Analysis is a an automated process to identify open source components in a codebase. As soon as a component is identified (scanned), it turns possible to connect that component to known security disclosures and identify known vulnerabilities.

Binary Software Component Analysis is a form of static analysis that deals only with the binary executable of an application without visibility into the source code. Binary Software Component Analysis is used when access to the source code is not possible but there is a need to assess potential vulnerabilities of an application.

The Need for SCA Tools in Organizations

Motivation behind implementation of SCA tool in the organization:

Software Composition Analysis tools generate a complete SBoM that tracks third-party and open source components and identifies known security vulnerabilities, associated licenses, and code quality risks.

The main functions of Software Composition Analysis tools implemented in the organizations:

How can Binaré Help Organizations to Implement Binary SCA?

Binaré offers your business a binary software component analysis tool and here are comparative advantages of our platform:

“Security is built-in the base of our binary SCA tool rather than added as an afterthought, and this is the way we manage to provide secure components that safety critical industries, such as healthcare and transportation, can rely on”

CEO and Co-Founder of Binaré,
Andrei Costin

Binaré fully supports a binary SCA concept, agrees on its importance and, therefore, offers an automated binary SCA tool that identifies the software components in your IoT device firmware. Come and try our FREE Demo at Let us identify the software components in your firmware and give you a detailed technical and engineering report on existing vulnerabilities that will help your business to anticipate emerging risks!

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